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Text for Page 059 [02-10-1863]

              and Col. Brown, one of the late 
editors (who had been at Charleston
at the time of the convention.)   Talk.
Back to rotunda.           Sat talking
with Schell.    Out with him to City 
Hotel & Delta Office, again.     Re-
turning to rotunda met Harris who
insisted on drinks and on our visiting
his wife this evening.    Up in rotun-
da, when enter Howell, freshly ar-
rived from Baton Rouge.      Things
quietish there.     Found Mann�s house
turned into a negro boarding one by
our faithful contrabands, for whom
William had the assurance to suggest
that Howell should purchase a fresh 
supply of crockery!       Col. Paine�s ex-
pedition to Plaquemine, which Howell
had accompanied.     Hamilton, Hayes, 
Schell.     A.G. Hills all present � and
Longacre, one engraver on the Picayune,
who turned up unexpectedly and
recognized me.             A sell on Howell               
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