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Text for Page 060 [02-10-1863]

              about Hamilton�s having written
to the Times about his (Howell�s)
being a captain in a negro regi-
ment.        Hither & thither.      In
the evening, alone to Harris�s, corner
of St Mary�s and South Street, north 
side of Lafayette Square.      Door 
opened by Mrs Harris, who inducts me
into handsome back parlour, adjacent 
to which, in the rear-room, is set the
tea-service, and where I find a 
tall young lady, introduced to me
as Miss Louisiana Somebody.    Soon
Harris appears; we tea and then 
return to back parlor.    Mrs. Harris
is tastily-dressed, her hair and 
eyes (her two best points) made the
most of; the one dark and curly, the
other deep brown and sparkling.  Her
complexion is so fair as to be pale, aid-
ed by more than a suspicion of powder
as I could discern, when she was near 
me.   Furthermore her softly-curved               
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