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Text for Page 061 [02-10-1863]

              eye-brows are improved by art.    But fine 
eyes and hair go a good way towards 
constituting beauty in a woman and 
I was under the impression or near
it during the greater portion of the
evening.    She sang several songs at
the piano, (her husband accompanying 
her) and at my request did the
�Bonny blue Flag� � the Louisiana
rebel one.     Then we talked, parti-
cularly of Gen. Butler.       He was
a pretty frequent visitor to the house
I sat in and very obliging � and im-
pressible � at the instance of Mrs
Harris.       She went to him, first of
all, to inquire �if they were to be turned
into the street,� to which he 
replied by a flattered negative.    She
says that the General gave a pass 
to a rebel officer concealed in her
house, allowing him to escape outside
the lines.   (I fancy Old Ben was un-
scrupulous enough to do it.)        He               
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