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Text for Page 038 [02-18-1852]

              Office, at Swinton and Fay�s, then
to dinner.     Drawing, reading or
thereanent in the evening.
  19. Thursday.     Four drawings on
wood for the Lantern.
  20.  Friday.  Lantern Office.  Woodward
and the others there, Brougham, Caroll,
O�Brien and Bellew.     To Schnieders
where I ordered breeks.  To Wells and
  at work drawing.
  21. Saturday.  Drawing awhile, � then
calls down town.   Looking for an Office,
at Swinton and Fays.    Afternoon to the
Lantern Office, then round to Windusts, where
were Brougham, Carrol, Bellew, O�Brien
and another.       Hutchings came anon. Rather               
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