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Text for Page 063 [02-10-1863]

              once of the egotism and mendacity 
of the Demon who wrote it; this
signed L.  �What do you call 
him a demon for?� I asked, �Now
you know you liked him!�  
I had observed that her husband
called her Lizzy.       She said
she regarded Butler in two lights, 
one from her rebel and patriotic 
view, the other as she had found
him.   The thing, indeed, was
half affectation.     She was self-
willed, egotistic, irrational, appro-
bative, womanish, pleasant � I
had chaffed her previously:  �I
heard that if I had stayed at
Madisonville, the other day, I was to 
have been arrested there, as a Yankee 
spy!� said she, decrying a
Mrs Brant who was also on 
board (and whom Hamilton met 
at Knapp�s) � as her accuser.    I 
said, gravely, that I had heard               
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