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Text for Page 064 [02-10-1863]

              doubts expressed as to the sincerity 
of her �rebel� sentiments �because
she talked so much about them.�     
Altogether we got on quite pleasantly
enough.   In about an hour�s time 
Miss Louisiana (who said scarcely 
anything and couldn�t sing) depart-
ed under convoy of Harris, when Mrs Harris told me that
she was �very patriotic,� that she
had expected her to break out for
my edification &c.    Also that said
young lady would be �quite rich�
if things were as they had been.
(I suppose her property was of the
human order.)   Furthermore I was 
favored with Miss 
Louisiana�s personal impressions with
regard to me � favorable as respect-
ing my eyes, not so towards my 
beard.     I had been questioned
before, pretty closely, about persons 
and things, by both husband and
wife, but I don�t think they made               
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