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Text for Page 065 [02-10-1863]

              much by it.   Mrs. H. praised Eng-
land, the officers of the Rinaldo,
pitched into Northern women, charg-
ed the men with want of gallantry
and due subservience to women!
and much more.     In many things 
she reminded me of Lotty Kidder.  
Withal she had a pretty, plump leg, 
as was accidentally revealed by 
a sudden flirt of her crinoline, as 
she took her seat at the piano.
Harris had been North often enough:
had known John Brougham, Les-
ter Wallack and O�Brien.       He 
was familiar with the name of 
Keene Richards, apropos of whom
the son of the landlord of the 
St Charles knew more.     Keene, 
a colonel in the Confederate service, 
on Breckinridge�s staff, was in
the St Charles� Hotel for three or 
four days after Butler�s occupation 
of it! escaping from the city to               
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