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Text for Page 067 [02-11-1863]

              had forged a note on his name to
Howell, sticking it against the 
mirror of the latter; saying he want-
ed to see him immediately!)   Chaff
of A. C. in Hayes presence.    Down 
stairs to Howell, about 1 A. M.
Ripley up in my room previously.    
Abed about 2.     Saw Harris
at about 7 and drank with
him.   The rotunda crowded: all
sorts of rumors astir; assassination
of Butler by Bouligny, at Wash-
ington one of them.    One Boynton
who boarded at Mrs Boley�s recog-
nized me: he is now engineer
of the U. S. gun-boat Winona.
He left New York on the 15th.
Dined with Howell, this day, at
the St. Charles restaurant.    Got
to-day�s record generally mixed
  12.  Thursday.   Breakfast
at the Southern Restaurant.  Then               
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