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Text for Page 069 [02-12-1863]

              the Knickerbocker, whom I met
last at Fortress Monroe, who is here,
in company of hundreds like him,
as a cotton and sugar-buying specu-
lator.        Talk with Capt Smalley,
once of the Owasco, now of the E
who wants to go home.         Reading
awhile in rotunda, then to room
and scribbling the last 6 or 7 pages.
  13.  Friday}       Non mi recordo as
  14.  Saturday}       the particulars.
A stroll with Baker and Schell du-
ring the afternoon of one of these days,
during which we encountered Slack
at the �Cotton Plant� and crossed over
the street to his lodgings in his com-
pany.        A chase after a man who
had come from Dixie, via Pensacola,
as reported by his fellow-voyager
Dr Blake, of the Sanatory Commission.
To the City Hotel; met A. C. Hills
there who invited me first to his room,
then to the �Era,� late Delta office, the               
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