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Text for Page 070 [02-14-1863]

              first number of which was to be to-morrow 
published.       Didn�t ask to
be employed on the paper as was pro-
bably expected.            One of these
days was accosted by Foster (brot-
her-in-law to Nina Brooks) now
a Mayor in the N.Y.        Ten Broeck
had belonged to the same regiment
also.   Talk with Foster. Saturday � theatre. Evadne. Mar-ried Life.� Schell.
  15.  Sunday.  A. C. Hills to
request me to furnish article on the
Rotunda of the St. Charles for the
Era.          Non mi recordo as to rest.
Working or loafing with equal energy
  16.  Monday.   Era Office.   A.
C.�s sensation advertisement of � of a 
column apropos of my unwritten article.
bling article.     With A. C.     Hayes &
Schell to �Ruby� when Ripley enter-
ed with others, he miserably drunk.
(The letters exhibited to me, received               
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