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Text for Page 071 [02-16-1863]

              by him from a friend, enclosing one
from Marble to the latter.  �Poor beast-
ly drunk Ripley.�   Howell�s con-
fidences pertinent to the matter,
Marble�s letter to him about Ripley.
Ripley discharged from the World.)
  17.  Tuesday.   Rewriting and
amplifying article.
  18.  Wednesday.   To Era Office.
A long stroll, in company with Howell
and Hayes about the French quarter.
Former hard up.      Planter�s meet-
ing in parlor of St Charles.   At it.
Knapp, Walker and others, the Hills,
Schell, Hamilton, Hayes, Slack,
Howell � all of us there.
  19.  Thursday.   Writing.   Another
planters� meeting and Gen Banks pre
sent.     His speech to them.   Writing.
  20.  Friday.   Writing.   Out with
Hamilton (Hayes following) to the
foot of Canal Street, I to witness the
departure of parolled Confederate soldiers               
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