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Text for Page 073 [02-23-1863]

              Schell to the Washington�s birthnight
Ball at Masonic Hall.           Parker,
(the Postmaster) Thorpe, Baker & wife,
Tracy & wife.   Lieut A. G. Hills and
others there.      A generally lively time.
  24.  Tuesday.   Non mi recordo.
  25.  Wednesday.   Began French
Market article yesterday.  Hayes back
from his New Brunswick trip up the 
river; his account of his quarrel
with the �Richelieu.�  Boston notions
of a bargain.       Chaff thereon.  Howell
sick; Ripley drunk; taken to hos-
pital; testimony of detectives and
others about him.    Schell hardish
up; dissatisfied with F. L. Ham-
ilton rushing it on Harpers and
mortally anxious to be admitted to
the Era.     He has applied once to
Gen Banks (!) and five times to 
A. C. Hills.     At work hard on F. M. See 3 pages on for evening of W.
  26.  Thursday.  
  See 2nd Page
after this.  �Columbia� went this morning.               
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