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Text for Page 074 [02-27-1863]

              27.  Friday.   Drenching day.
Up about 10.  In Schell�s room.
To Southern Restaurant for break-
fast, alone.          To Era Office.
(Talk with Waiter at restau-
rant, looking out, at threshold on
the fast-falling rain.    His testi-
money about Secession-time and how
he escaped conscription.      Akin to
that of German tailor who did patch-
ing for me, in Grovier Street, as
related to Schell & myself.)  Hamil-
ton up.     His compliment on my ar-
ticle!      Another application on his
part to A. C.           A. G. and me �
about the opened letter again.     To
the St Charles.       In Schell�s room.
A two hours sleep on his bed.   
    A meal at Wibel�s
with Schell and Hayes.   Afterwards
sitting in rotunda.      Ripley there � 
partly drunk.     His talk to me and
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