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Text for Page 075 [02-26-1863]

              26.  Thursday.   To Era with
article.   With Tracy.  A. G. told
me somebody had gone for copy to
my room at hotel.       Arrival of A. C.
Gave him M. S. S.         To hotel &c
after reading papers.           Went to Era
again at 3 1/2 - article set up in
smaller type than former.  A hunt
of mine as to the probable reason.  Exit.
At work for to-morrows mail in
Room; hard.    Heard bacchanal
row proceeding from Bulkeleys; the
two Hills� there, singing, laughing
&c.     A. C. repeating the inevitable
Ritual of the Order of Initiation of the
Sons of Malta.         Presently 
a visit on the part of A. C. and Bulk-
ley, with whiskey.    An explanation
about the small-type business.   Irrup-
tion of Ripley, not sober, and Schell.
Up and down, sometimes in Hayes� 
room, or in Ripley�s.     Ripley dic-
tating to Schell.     A heavy night�s               
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