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Text for Page 076 [02-26-1863]

              work, running to 2 o�clock next
morning.   Hayes & Ripley under-
take mailing, this time.
     First appearance of Haney�s
note, opened by A. G. Hills, on
Wednesday.   Spoke to him about it in
Rotunda that same evening.      Going
up staircase to room, with whiskey skin,
met Bulkeley and Hayes.        In my
room at work.    Appearance of �the
17th Cocktail� from Hayes.       Anon
Bulkeley, with whiskey.   Heiss of Char-
leston a pupil of his.       They were to-
gether at Fortress Monroe, laying a
telegraph wire.
  28.  Saturday.   Squally
rainy morning.  With Hayes to South-
ern Restaurant for breakfast.   Alone
to Era Office.    Tracy and Slack
there, and A. C.    Back to rotunda.
In Schell�s room by 2 � he just
risen.      In Howells; in Hayes �               
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