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Text for Page 077 [02-28-1863]

              Schell there � chaff and talk.  To 
my own room.  Putting up and direct-
ing Eras for mailing.         Out to P. O.
Saw Parker.   To boot-makers at the
rear of French cathedral.   A stroll
afterwards.        Return to lager, and
anon a meal of oysters and eggs at
Wibel�s.    Anon in rotunda, talking
with Hamilton.     With Schell to the
theatre.   �London Assurance.�  Left
before the beginning of �Katherine and
Petruchio.�  A stroll �� half a dozen
raw� and a glass of ale.     To room,
scoring up diary, which had gotten
two weeks in arrears.


  1.  Sunday.   To breakfast at Wi-
bel�s with Schell; anon to he Era
office to see newspapers, the result
of the Marian�s arrival.      Found there
the two Hills; A. G. apprehensive that               
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