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Text for Page 079 [03-01-1863]

              ladies in New-Orleans. of the Era.
Gen Butler � the occupation of New
Orleans when he first came here � his
Proposition to give a ball to
the Secession ladies of N. O. and
much more.       Left near 12.
  2.  Monday.   To Era Office.  Let-
ters in paper.  The Hills� & Tracy
there.    Howell came.   There till 1,
then to hotel.      Hayes, Hamilton
and Schell in rotunda, near entrance.
Joined them.  Anon to room and
some scribbling.   Evening at rotunda,
and hither and thither.
  3.  Tuesday.   Era &c.   By
3 to Harris� house as appointed last
night.  He and wife out.    Waiting,
looking at photograph and other al-
bums � the latter full of rhythmic
adulations of �Lizzy,� charges of her
being an angel, a coquette and much
more.   Anon the subject of said versi-
fying and husband appeared �               
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