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Text for Page 080 [03-03-1863]

              Greetings and gratualtions.   Talk
anent Madisonville letter.   Off with
Harris by car, some blocks, to Pry-
taina Street.     A bachelor-house,
with dinner-table set out and little
garden, with banana-trees.   Negro-
servants.   Waiting and talk.      Ap-
pearance of host & others.   A Mr
Ellis, a Liverpool man, elderly, jolly,
stout, broadfaced, dark-haired, face
shaven, except a chin.    Mr Dacres,
an Edinburgh man, squarish-faced,
heavily mustached and whiskered,
not unlike the portraits of J. C. Ma-
gruder.       An actor named Ryer,
who had to play Shylock at the
Varieties, this evening.  A Mr Dixey
an Englishman, long a resident in
the West Indies, and of late years,
in New Orleans.    Like Harris,
Dacres, Dixey and Ellis were
cotton brokers, the second resident
in St Louis.        He had been in New               
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