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Text for Page 082 [03-03-1863]

              scripture principles.     After prelimi-
nary cocktails, artistically mixed by
Ellis, we sat down to dinner, waited
upon by an alert negro.     I think
I have discriminated all of the party,
except a young lad, I should sup-
pose an employee or relative of Ellis,
a resident of the house.       We sat
in a handsomish rear-room of not
very large proportions, the open folding
doors between it and the front one,
seeming to make both, one apartment.
The doors and windows were open, 
as it seemed, at first, to me, unneces-
sarily, for though the sun shone bright
and cheerily the day was cool
(from Pittsburg, Ohio) in my rear.
The dinner proved excellent.  First
gumbo soup, with a suggestion of
chicken and other ingredients in it,
then red snapper (courteously provi-               
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