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Text for Page 040 [02-22-1852]

              22.  Sunday.  In doors all day.   Alf
with me.       Drawing the Retreat of Cortes
and his followers from Mexico.
  23.  Monday.  Work at drawing.  Then
having finished it, down town.   To the Lantern
Office, to Wells and Webbs, to the store where
I saw Lockington and Holbrook, (the latter
told how there was to be a Sheriffs Sale of
his type of Wednesday.)   To the Post Office,
Swinton and Fays &c.      Returning met
Lotty in Franklin Street, she having just called
at our place, to see Bland.   Walked back with
her to Broadway, and her mothers rooms �
There was Pope, Mrs K, Mason and Jane
Gibson.   Sat half an hour or so, then left.
Drawing in the afternoon and evening.               
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