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Text for Page 084 [03-03-1863]

              thoroughly identified himself in sym-
pathy, interests and prejudices with
the people among whom he dwelt �
as, indeed, had all the others.   They
talk depreciation of Yankees and abo-
litionists and used the word �nigger�
with true Southern unction.    Dixey
talked against Emancipation in the
West Indies.   Dacres impressed me
less pleasantly than the rest, though he
was well-bred and scrupulously polite.
His assumption that the British govern-
ment ought to have protected him in 
his avowed hostility to that of the U. S. 
and � shielded � him from inevitable con-
sequences, was edifying, to say the least
of it.       Harris (T. Decatur) beha-
ved demonstratively, approbatively.
The actor (I think a Philadelphian)
applied himself to his dinner with great
if quiet zest, applauded every joke
that was made and otherwise com-
ported himself after his kind.    After               
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