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Text for Page 085 [03-03-1863]

              dinner Ellis went to sleep and
snored audibly on the sofa, Dixey
imitated his example in the adjoin-
ing room, the actor went off
and only Harris, Dacres and myself
remained awake or half-so, smoking
cigars and continuing a desultory con-
versation in which I played the part
of listener.      It was a leisurely
business, throughout, lasting three
hours or more.     Not before the rest
of the party had awoke and night
descended did Harris and I walk
back to Lafayette Square, he discour-
sing fluently and enthusiastically, as
usual.    At the house we found Mrs
Harris, ravishingly dressed in a
charmingly-fitting dark gown, dis-
playing her dainty waist to the ut-
most advantage, a red bow of ribbon
or velvet surmounting her dark, curling
hair, and a scarlet net confining
its glossy clumpiness behind.   The wo               
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