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Text for Page 087 [03-03-1863]

              loh, was a musician and a teacher
of music, had also composed seve-
ral pieces, duly named after and
dedicated to Southern notabilities � 
which he presently performed on the
piano.     A Mr Reid � agent for the
Spofford and Tileston�s line of steamers
(of which is the �Marion�) comple-
ted the party.   He was a young man,
rather elaborately got up, with his
hair painfully well brushed, but he
looked a snob and vulgarian and
talked �as sich.�   I had been intro-
duced to him by Harris, at the St.
Charles, on a previous night and
had then half-recognized him � I did
perfectly, in the course of the evening
� as a former acquaintance.        We
had hardly completed the introductions 
when Ellis, Dacres and Dixey ap-
peared � the first being warmly wel-
comed, evidently as an old friend. (By
the way, the ladies had paused, in a               
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