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Text for Page 089 [03-03-1863]

              �and the more Secesh she was, the
better.�     In short the fellow � a New
Yorker � was a squirt � a �Northern
man with Southern principles.    Mrs
and Mr Harris sung, she sung alone,
so did he.     We talked promiscuously,
with occasional masculine adjoinments
to the rear room for vinnous refreshment.
Presently I was in the front parlor,
talking with the delicate-faced girl,
whom I found kind, pleasant and
ingenuous.   She and the rest of the
party had been present in Friday�s
demonstration on the levee, attending
the departure of the parolled rebel
soldiers.     She told me her experience
of it very innocently, with �Didn�t
I think �� ?� this and that.     Mrs Har.
told me that the girl was consump-
tive, that she might not survive.
She had neither brothers or sisters.
Dressed simply in white, evidently de-
sirous to please, I could not help               
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