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Text for Page 090 [03-03-1863]

              contrasting her quiet good manner with the
unpleasant self-assertion of Northern
misses.     There is a warmth of heart
and kindness about these Southern
people that impels instinctive liking:
had I gone to New Orleans instead
of New York, thirteen years ago, I
should be now in the rebel army, and
devoted to its cause to the death �
despite the �institution.�    An interchan-
ged sentence with Reid, presently in-
duced me to ask him a question about 
Capt. Sam. Whiting of the Marion.
Then it appeared that Reid was pur-
ser of the vessel during my voyage
to Charleston, in December 1860.  He
recognized me vociferously and we talk-
ed of fellow-passengers, Speck, Mc Nut-
ty and others.            Reid had met Ram-
say, alias Buckstone, subsequent to
my departure, and met him after-
wards at Washington, when the En-
glishman bore the latter name.    Reid               
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