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Text for Page 091 [03-03-1863]

              was now advanced to the position of
agent for the line, vice his brother,
badly wounded on the Empire Parish,
by guerrillas up the river.         Not long
after our recognition the ex-purser
became so drunk that Harris prudently
got him off up-stairs to bed.   Before
this however, at Madame�s proposition,
we had a dance or two, in which I
must fain be compelled to stand up.
�No Southern woman would refuse to
dance with a gray coat!� said Mrs
H. of the sparkling brown eyes, when
I alleged my garments, my boots, my
gray-blue army shirt and general
campaigning get-up.  So I danced,
first with my fascinating hostess, then
with Miss Maria.     It was a warm
night, though the windows were open,
everything exhilating.   More singing
and conversation ensued; a good deal
being of an ultra Secession sort.   �I
love it, above all other flags!� said               
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