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Text for Page 092 [03-03-1863]

              old Ellis to the pictorial effigy of
the �Stars and Bars� displayed on
a piece of music.     Young�s vanity
as a composer was displayed with
refreshing bonhomie.  �I may write
some fine things � I know I shall �
but I shall never equal �Stonewall,�
he averred, repeating it at least
thrice, during the evening.  Another
guest I have forgotten to mention, though
he deserves some record.  This was a
Mr Hancock, a Philadelphian � once
a fellow-scholar and friend of Schell.
He was a youngish, chubby man with
bright dark eyes, and beard a la
Americaine.  He had lived at the South
long enough to have entirely Secessionized
himself.      He was engaged in a clothing
store.      At about 2 A. M the
party broke up and I strolled throught-
fully homewards, to bed.
  4.  Wednesday.   Era office
and elsewhere during the forenoon.               
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