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Text for Page 041 [02-24-1852]

              24.  Tuesday.   Drawing four Initials for
Lantern.     Great spree here to-day about
dinner time.   Had that horrid girl �Angee� come
to beg a 50/100 loan, so I guessed there was
something anon.  No dinner bell rang, so
about 1/2 past 3, I went down, and there found
divers hungry and exasperate boarders getting
relays of steak, about enough for two at a time.
Mrs Leave had dived, as usual � (it�s my
impression she gets into a subterranean cupboard
and locks herself up when there�s any desperate 
crisis.          Many boarders among the number, and
Miss Pease was as red as an aggravated
lobster. /              Edward Greatbatch came
with letter from home.     At about 4 went
to Swinton and Fays�, there awhile � then               
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