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Text for Page 093 [03-04-1863]

              In the afternoon took the cars with
Schell to Elysian Fields Street, near
the depot of the Pontchartrain Rail-
Road, intent on exploring the Spa-
nish quarter of the city.  A June day.
Inquiring at a Station house, we
found the people all know-nothings,
so we strolled on our own responsibi-
lity.   The quarter presented nothing
noticeable beyond numberless small
wooden houses, laid out in parallel
squares, with occasionally a roof covered
with curved dark-red-tiles.     Being
near the depot of the Gulf Railroad,
I went thither and left a note for Saw-
yer, presently overtaking Schell, who,
sketchbook under arm, slightly drooping
head and legs a little astraddle,
after his wont, had strolled down
the wide, sultry street towards the
river.     From thence we rambled by
the mint and through the German and 
French quarter, which I found, as               
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