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Text for Page 094 [03-04-1863]

              I always do) immensely amusing.
Oldish, ricketty houses, balconies and
out of door galleries, festoons of clothing,
shops of all kinds, and of every degree
of dingyness, kennels already festering
in the sultry weather, a jumble of
Mammouth Street, London, and certain
portions of old Paris, this quartier
is as unlike anything in the north
as could be imagined.   One shop
we visited, a photographic establish-
ment kept by a Frenchman.      It was
a corner-house, its exterior presenting
a curious appearance, an abortive
sign on canvas being divided by a
bulk or some projection, and the
latter half being reversed � perhaps
for the accommodation of the angels.
A shabby canvas screen also converted
a ricketty gallery into a sort of apart-
ment, perhaps for photographic opera-
tions.   The window below displayed               
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