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Text for Page 096 [03-04-1863]

              an artist, must fain take us across
the street to another and more preten-
tious establishment he possessed, to
introduce his son.       Here we saw
Galveston in photograph.      Returning,
we dropped in for coffee and brandy 
at the famous French cafe, then went
to the bootmakers, where I obtained
my alligator-skins � a formidable
and remarkable pair, rising to the
now average knee-height.        At
dinner with Schell.        I think in
the St. Charles.    After in the rotunda,
was waited upon by one Whitley, a
detective, who at the request of A. G.
Hills, was willing to show me the
night-side of New Orleans � or what
little there was to be seen of it � for
another Era article.       Made appoint-
ment for next night and went with
Schell to the Varieties to see the Naid
Queen produced in the usual style               
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