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Text for Page 097 [03-04-1863]

              of unparalled magnificence.   Saw
Foster in the boxes, contemplating
the charming legs of Mrs Gladstone,
evidently in a state of sentimental in-
fatuation.      He wrote a sonnet to her
which was published in last Sunday�s
Era; buys expensive bouquets daily
and is otherwise making an ass of
himself.   I remember him getting up
a similar passion for Laura Keene.
A sentimental-sensual, approbative-
affected humbug is Foster, altogether,
and I don�t entirely believe in his
sickness � which keeps him away 
from his regiment, allowing him to
loaf all day about the St Charles
and go to the theatre every night.  At
the same time he exhibits portraits of
his wife and children and sentiment-
alizes thereon.    He claims to be of
the virtuous, too!  told Schell that he
went to the Varieties one Sunday night
when he �felt so wicked� at such a dese-               
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