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Text for Page 098 [03-04-1863]

              cration of the �sabbath� that he had
to get up and leave.   Bah!   Hamil-
ton, in his way, indulged in a little
asininity about the same party, who
is only a pass� Englishwoman and as
utterly conventional an actress as ever
got off articulate inflections and vocal
risings and fallings to sophisticated
audience.   She had good legs, though,
and with her comely feet in green gaiter
boots and red heels � the inevi-
table chaussure for a Naid Queen!
looked embraceable enough.  I didn�t
stay out the piece that followed but
returned to the rotunda, where I found
Ripley.    He had been on a frightful
debauch during the past five or six
days, literally rolling in the
gutter, brought back to the hotel in
a wheelbarrow, met reeling hither
and thither with his clothes stained
with his own vomit �               
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