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Text for Page 099 [03-04-1863]

              completely �beastly drunk.�  He was
now partially sober � intermittent,
rather.    We sat and talked till Schell
joined us.    Ripley was full of regrets
at my approaching departure, 
calling me �Tom� (as he always does)
and declaring that I should have
�the tears of his heart� when I went
away.   Frequently he tried to get us
to go out and drink with him at
the �Ruby� where he had credit �
by the way, he pays nothing to Hil-
dreth for his board, nor has done
for a long time.     When he failed
he went out alone.  I left him sitting
with his head bowed forward in his
chair, past midnight.
  All the correspondents at this
period were hard-up, Adam�s
Express having shut down upon them,
in consequence of F. Leslie�s not having
paid Schell�s draught of $100.          He
did so, however, subsequently, sending               
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