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Text for Page 100 [03-04-1863]

              a letter to F. H. commending his
labors, asking for more, complaining
that it was very difficult to cash drafts
on sight in �these hard times,� suggesting
that $50, with one day to meet the
contingency would be preferable in
future and utterly ignoring poor
Schell�s present necessities.   So, left,
high and dry and impecunious,
he was, at first, inclined to return
to New York, demurring, how-
ever, partly in the hope that he
might miss money subsequently re-
mitted to him, partly from a desire
not to miss the expected attack on
Port Hudson.   �He must strike Les-
le for his bill at the St Charles,�
he said, �and not leave it in F. L�s
power to swindle him.�  By return-
ing he would expose himself to this
contingency.   So he proposed just to
send on enough to Fran�ois to earn               
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