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Text for Page 101 [03-04-1863]

              his salary, no more.   Young Loren-
zo Hildreth, son to the landlord of
our hotel, wanted a drawing of two
fast horses he possessed and Schell
had been invited to witness their speed:
he hoped the execution of this commis-
sion might exert a modifying influence
on the amount of his bill.    Previously
he had thought either of drawing
the exterior of the St Charles, or the
Rotunda, of an evening, for transmis-
sion to Leslie�s paper, but indiscreet-
ly suggesting the idea to the eager Ham-
ilton, that person went to work and
did the latter subject, to the admi-
ration of many newsboys � among whom
he sat at a little table, specially
purveyed for the purpose � and the
disgust of Schell, who behaved coolly
to him ever since.        I think I have
put down heretofore, that I leant
Schell $20, refusing a note on Les-               
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