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Text for Page 102 [03-04-1863]

              lie be and preferring to trust to
Schell�s writing to his brother at
Philadelphia, bidding him remit
the sum to Haney, for me.  So, hard-
up, chafing and I think sorry at
my expected departure, Schell re-
mained, at this period.    Howell had
got out of funds a little before.    He
likewise proposed borrowing of me, 
giving his note on the World, which
I declined on general principles, and
not really knowing whether I�d have
the money to spare.    As it proved,
I was only prudent in doing so, as
he subsequently admitted that Marble
sometimes �played tricks� and had
once left Nicholson unpecunious when
in Virginia.    Howell was really sick,
his digestion out of order, and no par-
ticular wonder, for, brought up on
a Long Island farm, his diet exhibit-
ing that awful ignorance of the ca-               
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