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Text for Page 042 [02-24-1852]

              returned.    Wrote awhile in the evening,
then to Mrs Kidders.   Lotty there.
Verily the musty old proverb �No fool
like unto an old one� is true.    Mother
thinks of following the folly of the daughter
going on the Stage.        I never saw such
overweening conceit as is manifest in this
[words crossed out]   I never have perceived in her aught
but the pettiest, shallowest, most trashy apings
at sentiment and feeling.    She�s horribly
hollow!     Self ever dominant, and that
too with a pretense at enlarged sympathy,
and intellect most ridiculous to see.   What
does she live for?     Does she know what Ex-
istence is?    What a waking up to some
reality she may hereafter experience.  She               
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