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Text for Page 104 [03-04-1863]

              came in for the benefit of most of
this, especially as that young man
had loomed up into unexpected cele-
brity, first in consequence of my
having chaffed him in the �Rotunda�
article, secondly because certain sensa-
tion letters of his to the Traveller
have been reprinted both in the New 
York and New Orleans papers.  Howell
taxed the youthful author, over the
breakfast-table of the St Charles with
writing lies, nonsense, a tissue of exag-
gerations and absurdities, � of which
Hayes told us in a state of open eyed
injury.   He, Howell and Schell
all took their meals at the restau-
rant attached to the hotel, on credit.
Presently the approbative, 
and saponaceous Hamilton succumb-
ed to the pressure of impecuniosity.
Trying Adam�s Express (after I
had informed him of the inevitable               
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