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Text for Page 105 [03-04-1863]

              result) he fed promiscuously for a
day or two, �forgetting that he hadn�t
his porte monnaie about him� at the
restaurants, �sticking up� this din-
ner or that breakfast, and borrowing
small monies.   He proposed to favor 
me in that way after reading a long
�Fable for the Times� written by him
for submission to the Era.      It was
done in the old imitation � Gay-and-
Pope style, and, admitting the right
of a man to perpetrate such an anach-
ronism, read well enough.       Hills
(A. C.) bought it sat, I suppose, a
mild price, after demurring awhile.
Hamilton had provoked him not
a little by applying about five dis-
tinct times for [words crossed out] a chance
at making money on the Era.   When
he heard of the two Hills� coming in
for that supposed good thing, Hamil-
tons jealousy, eagerness and appre-
hension were exceedingly ludicrous.               
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