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Text for Page 106 [03-04-1863]

              �My God!� said he (a pet expres-
sion of his) �if I�d only have known
of any change like that, I�d
have spoken to Gen. Banks about
it!    I�m the very man for it, you
know!   Have been an editor before�
(of a two-penny-hap�ny N.Y. month-
ly mag, which died from intrinsic
feebleness) � �speak two � three lan-
gauges!�  And then, �Why, we shall
all be left out in the cold � the
two Hills� will get everything before
us.�   So he actually bothered every-
body he knew on Banks staff,
and applied to the General himself,
to be admitted to take bites of the
cherry.    The General goodnaturedly
asked A. C. whether he could find
anything to do for �Mr Hamilton,�
to which the ex-chancellor of the
Sons of Malta responded �Not with-
out turning away a man who did               
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