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Text for Page 107 [03-04-1863]

              his duty and who had a family.�
Furthermore he added that he
thought Mr Hamilton was making
enough money to satisfy a reasonable
man.       This was true enough, for
neglecting his duties as a corres-
pondent of the Times in an utterly
unjustifiable manner, he was all
the time sending bad drawings to 
Harper�s, from whom he had a
sub-salary of $10 per week, ex-
clusive of payment for drawings
at least so he said.   An eager,
approbative, saponaceous, uneasy man
was Hamilton, who sometimes got
tipsy and declared that New Or-
leans was the wickedest place in the
world.    He had occasional practi-
cal relish for one phase of its wick-
edness, if the testimony of A. G. Hills
may be taken.     We �sold� Hamil-
ton a good deal, his impulsiveness
rendering him an easy victim.   He               
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