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Text for Page 108 [03-04-1863]

              was very apprehensive of dan-
ger in the exercise of his reportorial
functions, didn�t
go to Baton Rouge, after our first
visit there, because he couldn�t 
secure passage �on a gun-boat� and
so be safe from guerillas!  When
he went to visit old Knapp on his
plantation, his host put a double-
barreled gun at his bed-head with which to
protect himself, in case of a rising
of negroes.   �My God! we�re living
on a volcano!� exclaimed
Hamilton, relating it, and the sul-
len behavior of the slaves.    In the
Teche expedition he tried to prevent
Schell going on and seeing the fight,
talking �family� and the like.    �If
I got a bullet through me, I should
be of no use to the Times, you know,
and it wouldn�t pension Mrs Hamil-
ton.�   Schell had seen real fight-               
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