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Text for Page 109 [03-04-1863]

              ting in North Carolina and Virginia,
and though sensible and prudent,
had plenty of quiet pluck.     I think
A. G. was a bit of a coward.     Howell
had never been under fire but would 
have behaved well, so would the
big boy Hayes.      And so much
at present for the correspondents.
Hamilton made a raise of $50 or
$100 subsequently, and as I
shall relate, so did Schell.
  5.  Thursday.   Breakfast at
Wibells or the Southern.  To the
Era office.      At a Music-Shop in
Camp street saw Young and got a
copy of Stonewall Jackson�s March
�published by permission.�   Then to
Capt. Mc Clure or Holabird�s office.
Then hither and thither.      Non
mi recordo as to the rest of the day.
  6.  Friday.   Non mi recordo very
definitely.  Out during the morning               
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