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Text for Page 110 [03-06-1863]

              and part of the afternoon, during a
heavy rain storm.    Called in on Reid
at his office and was no more favor-
ably impressed by him than hereto-
fore.       The man is a Northern dough-
face, ignorant, opinionated and ill-
bred.    He was friendly enough, how-
ever.      Working in the evening.
  7.  Saturday.   Letter to Trib
put off, as usual, till evening, then
a little real hard work.       Abed
about 3 next morning.    Hayes vol
unteered to be mail-carrier
to the Marion, early in the morning.
Ripley sober.
  8.  Sunday.   Up about 11.  Going
down the steps of the hotel met old
Thorpe, who wanted to know what
was the reason why we couldn�t take
a carriage and drive down to the
Lake, there to have a comfortable               
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