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Text for Page 111 [03-08-1863]

              dinner together.   I knew of none,
so after half a dozen gigantic oys-
ters, taken raw and perpendicu-
larly, at �Sam�s,� we went round
to a livery-stable kept by a Scotch-
man, who also mended carriages, &
sold patent metallic coffins � thus
providing for continent accidents to
horse or vehicles or man.      After
twenty minutes of sultry waiting and
half a glass-full of ale we entered
buggy and got off, Thorpe driving.
The day was sultry but the motion
and an occasional breeze made the
ride delightful � one realized one
of Dr Johnson�s ideas of felicity.
Thorpe at first got into the wrong
road � the one taken by myself
and Baker on our Sunday car-ex-
cursion, but turning into a cross road,
presently gained the right one.  This
led along a bayou, with some
newly-erected forts on the               
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