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Text for Page 115 [03-08-1863]

              ing narratives, and a story cal-
led the �Big Bear of the Arkansas.�
He is a regular raconteur, from
the Southern point of view; tells
stories, the joke of which turns on
the ignorance or drunkenness of
his heroes, and if he really
had brains enough, or natural
aptitude to describe what he knows 
and has seen, might do something
worth reading.  As it is, he is not
unamusing.      The old dodger has
been in a chronic state of regret since
the departure of Butler, fearing, I
suppose, for his berth of City Sur-
veyor.      He comes to one with all
sorts of stories detrimental to the
Banks administration.      As the 
seems to have become rather an anti-
Banks paper of late, I am the recip-
ient of a good many of his civilities.
A few days back he brought into 
the Era office a jotter-headed edi-               
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