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Text for Page 116 [03-08-1863]

              torial on the subject of �the President�
which he left at the counter below,
with orders that it should be �set
up.�    It appeared, provoked some
criticism, and said A. C.  �If he thinks
he�s going to get anything for it
he�ll be d__nably mista-
ken!   I�ll charge it to him as an
advertisement.�     No
doubt old Thorpe sent it on to Wash-
ington, to be shown to its subject,
from whom he hopes to get some
office.     His objects in inviting me
to this drive and dinner, were,
first general propitiation, then telling
me a story of a recent pro-rebel de-
cision by Judge Peaody, against an
Irish Captain, thirdly to consult me
about a wild project he had of going
to England to deliver lectures, on
Slavery and the War.      We got
along very sociably together, and I
enjoyed the ride all the more for               
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