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Text for Page 117 [03-08-1863]

              yesterday�s confinement.  After
a visit to the garden of one of
the many restaurants where we saw
a sort of aviary, containing two pair
of pelicans, divers storks and other
birds, also eagles, wolves, and a young
grizzly bear, we were joined by
two cronies of Thorpe who had follow-
ed us in another drag, and with
whom we repaired to another restau-
rant, where in a back room, with
open door and windows looking out
upon a garden, bright in its spring
verdure, we dined luxuriously.  First
we had turtle-soup � genuine � then 
red fish, then game � some kinds
of delicious birds � with the accom-
paniments of potatoes, delicately fried,
green peas, cauliflower and excellent
claret with ice and sugar.   Add
cigars, a brul� or bowl of punch
(admirably compounded and brought
in flowing) all enjoyed without               
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