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Text for Page 120 [03-08-1863]

              length kept the matter alive.  So,
going upstairs to bed one night, when
the rest of the fellows were at the
theatre, the devil tempted me to write
in a feigned hand, a mysterious
warning to Hayes, anonymously
informing him that he had offended
one who never was known to forgive
and who had both the power and in-
clination to gratify his malice � that
a blow would be struck at his heart
with equal secrecy and surety � final-
ly exhorting him not to go out late,
alone or unarmed.    This awful missive
I put under his door.     Next day there
was a sensation.   The boy never suspect-
ed me, told everybody about it, exhort-
ed the watchman to be on his guard
and talked about the thing so, that
I revealed the secret that evening to him, in
the presence of Schell (who knew it
before) in the Rotunda.
  Another omission.  On the evening of               
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